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Fifa 16 Coin Generator

4 Ways to Earn FIFA 16 Coins for FREE

Looking at popular gaming forums online, we realize how much admiration FIFA 16 has acquired from gamers all over the world. If offers the module called “FIFA Ultimate Team” using which you can build your own team based on their expertise and chemistry level among each other. This requires you to have considerable amount of coins to be consumed in building your desired team. To earn such coins, you need to efficiently play this game in the most difficult level you can play, and you will have them enough in couple of weeks.


If you are lazy enough to wait for weeks or months, you can spend your money to buy these coins directly from FIFA 16.  In this article I’d like to mention 3 other workable ways to earn FIFA 16 coins for FREE to exchange for card packs and play FUT draft:

1. Learn to play this game efficiently on higher difficulty levels
Your game comes with 500 coins already which you can use to build your team. Once you are finished with that you can sell some of your cards for extra players. But this won’t bring up considerable benefit. The best way to be an efficient enough player to win in higher difficulty level. This where you can earn and increase your coins fast naturally.


2. Learn to destroy your opponents with accuracy
This is another option in case you don’t find yourself efficient enough to deal with high difficult levels of the game. This option will make it easy you to be accurate in every aspect of the game after you reduce your difficulty level. The more often you score with accuracy, the more you will earn the coins.

3. Use FIFA 16 Coin Generator
There are certain coin generator platforms online which claim to generate coins using sophisticated exploits and programs. One of such examples is They guarantee that the coins they offer will never get your account banned. They claim that sellers selling coins in higher rates are using similar technology which they use. The difference is that they charge you a higher price while acquiring them for free. Most of the FIFA 16 coins generator sites ask you to fill your private details, while the best part of is that they only ask your FIFA 16 username and that's it.


Once you are able to accumulate 15000 coins using above techniques you can then enter FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) Draft module.